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At Casa Montecristi you will find "Panama Hats" of high quality and diversification. Thank you for purchasing part of an ancient art!

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On our website, you will find valuable information on the true history of the "Panama Hat". Qualities of the Original Hats. Why its commercial value.

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At Casa Montecristi we are passionate about hats, we live to see them born, give them their finishes and see them shine with their fashion.


The Authentic Panama Hat is 100% Ecuadorian

The Montecristi hat has reached our time since ancient and remote times. Knitted with great skill in the expert hands of women, men and young descendants of master craftsmen.

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We Love that you are part of a family once. They recognize us as the finest hats in the World.

First Benefit

Its Panama Hat is 100% natural fiber.

Discovery & Strategy

It does not have aggressive chemical elementos with Mother Earth.
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Benefit Two

It protects you from de Sun, it is cool and takes care of your health.

Universal Declaration

Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
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Last Focus

The Montecristi hat is surrounded by mysteries, antiquity, mysticism and history.

Unlimited Sharing

Casa Montecristi was born to serve and help maintain a universal heritage.
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Another Feature

A Jipijapa or Montecristi hat, a true Panama Hat is woven based on the geometric movement of the Flower of Life.

Time Statistics

From the Huancavilcas, Mantas, Caras y Xipixapas; up to Teodoro Roosevelt.
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About Fineness or Quality

Every hat has a quality. From the simplest to the finest. They differ by counting the number of strands or strands of toquilla straw in one inch. The count is done linearly; But if I want to know how many threads are in a square inch, the quantity counted linearly is multiplied by two.

If I count 30 threads in a square inch there would be 900 threads. So you can recognize the fineness of an original Montecristi hat, known worldwide as “Panama Hat”.

Calidad del Sombrero



The qualities of Montecristi: From 12 threads per Inch to 60 threads.

The quality known as Fine Hat is considered from 12 degrees to 17 degrees. That is, from Twelve to Seventeen threads in a linear inch.
The quality known as Fine Hat is considered from 18 degrees to 23 degrees. That is, from Eighteen to Twenty-three threads in a linear inch.
Super Fine
The quality known as Superfine Hat is considered from 24 degrees to 29 degrees. That is, from Twenty-four to Twenty-nine threads in a linear inch.
Extra Fine
The quality known as Extra Fine Hat is considered from 30 degrees to 36 degrees. That is, from Thirty to Thirty-six threads in one linear inch.
The quality known as Ultrathin Hat is considered from 37 degrees to 49 degrees. That is, from Thirty-seven to Forty-nine threads in one linear inch.
The quality known as Supreme Hat is considered from 50 degrees to 60 degrees. That is, from Fifty to Sixty threads in a linear inch. In the world there are only a few people left on one hand with the ability to weave those degrees. The thickness of a hair ...


Known as Jipijapa

From its nobility arise the different qualities for a hat. In expert hands, the threads can be as thin as a hair and the time to do it is twelve months or more

Genuine Panama Hat

Design Fashion Realism Modern Original Exclusive

Wearing an original Casa Montecristi hat represents quality and originality.