The Authentic Panama Hat is 100% Ecuadorian

The Montecristi hat has reached our time since ancient and remote times. Knitted with great skill in the expert hands of women, men and young descendants of master craftsmen.

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We guarantee the highest quality of hand-woven hats; established in 50 years of experience.

Hecho A Mano


We are artisans, we are not an industry. Everything is handmade.

The Family

We write a freehand story where the most important thing is the family.

Ying Yang


"The hands of the oppressors and the mouth of the liars, faint before the power of the ancestors".

Giving hands

When you receive a hat, carry in your hands the joy of women, men, the elderly and children.

the future is near

Because we are different? Our primary cause is caring for a legacy.  As we are not a giant industry, we value the details in our finishes.  We did not imitate, from our beginning we approached the correct, king and helpful people who without any kind of zeal made us their apprentices, something admirable compared to other firms.  Casa Montecristi determines each essential element to produce a hat and with old experts projects its areas of workshop, finishes, press, designs, etc… Our goal is and always will be when you  buy an Original “Panama Hat” made in Montecristi.  You should know that you are carrying a relic with the possibility of being inherited.  You can have our hats for life due to their high quality.  

our vision

When you arrive in Quito, Ecuador you can visit our store freely.  Here we can present you all the ranges of hats according to quality and model. The time is really very short to present you the greatest history of the hat, but it will receive the warmth of our happy and enterprising people.  Knowing Casa Montecriti is to take a look at the history of the Panama Hat and how through the centuries a custom of weaving the Toquilla Straw is maintained whose qualities can reach the thickness of a hair. Here is the store you were looking for to receive in your hands part of the authentic and ancient magic.

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Montecristi Qualities

A Montecristi hat “Original Panama Hat”, its quality is measured by the number of threads that are counted in a linear inch.  If 14 threads are counted in an inch, it is grade or quality 14, considered a Thick Normal hat, but the quality increases from 15 to 60, we are talking about a quality Ultrathin hat 60 and those hats can be knitted by few people in the world and implies having it in about a year… not counting the time it takes to prepare the raw material and finishes. 


Is it the finest in the world ?

The answer is yes.  And although in Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Peru they also weave straw hats, it is not possible to weave 3600 threads in a square inch.

What are the most valuable hats in the world ?

The answer is Montecristi.  A Montecristi is priceless.  It is a Treasure of Humanity.  It is the History of a Culture located in antiquity.  When others companies sells the Montecristi for 100 thousand dollars, they are getting rich, but the true designer, the true weaver is the artist and magician.  normally a hat of them does not cost more than 20 thousand dollars, the highest quality and the minimum reaches 200 dollars.  But if value is incomparable.

Knitting a hat takes a long time ?

And it is.  To knit the thickest hat can take one week and to knit the thinnest hat can take up to a year…just knit it.

World Heritage ?

Yes.  Discovering that the hat called “Panama Hat” is actually made in Ecuador, UNESCO grants it the Denomination of Origin and considers it INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF HUNMANITY.

The Original Montecristi is the most expensive in the world ?

No. The Pope’s Tiara 10 million. “The Hat of Love” by Louis Mariette 2.7 million. “In the Depths of the Sea” hat designed by Ann Maree Willett 890 thousand dollars. Princess Beatriz’s Headdress deigned by Philip Treacy and auctioned on Ebay for 134 thousand dollars. Charles Chaplin’s Bowler Hat 63 thousand dollars and Michael Jackson Hat 6.3 thousand dollars. American dollars.

Why is Casa Montecristi different ?

We have the Production of the Carludovica Palmata.  The oldest weavers.  The most perfect auctions.  Finishing processes maintain ancient, natural techniques and taking care of the environment; Our Workshop in not a Factory, simply an Artisans Workshop.  Our Press and molds were imported in order to generate exclusive models.  We personalize your hat and also personally deliver it to your country or send it to you via DHL.


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